Thursday, September 6, 2007

iBone(d) aka rotten Apple(s)

iHate Apple. Worst company ever. Subject: My $500 4 gig iPhone that turned into a discontinued $299 4 gig iPhone that turned into a $75 loss (10% restocking fee + loss of screen protector). All within a 24 hour span.

My hated for Apple runs deep. It all started with iPod #1 (that was out of date and discontinued within 2 months). (can you say color screens?)

And then my 2nd iPod, which was again outdated when the blah blah blah blah.

Then, there was the time I plugged my iPod into a Mac computer I lost 50% of my music (it just deleted the music, but left the track titles on the iPod). I brought the iPod to the "genius" bar and they told me "I must have dropped it". I honestly felt like punching the guy in the face. My iPod (read: Music) is my life you retard. I've never dropped it. You just can't admit that you didn't know what was wrong with it and wanted to take zero accountability for your company or its shit products.

I understand that a company has to stay on the cutting edge of technology, but come on. Not everyone can afford to replace these luxuries at such a rapid pace as your company would have us.

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