Friday, September 21, 2007

9 games left aka Don't break my heart aka Fire Eric Gagne

This is it, the very tip of the tail end of the regular season. 162 total games - 9 remaining = 153 games played. Has that much time really gone by already? How did we run through 5 months so quickly, yet the past 2 weeks have felt like 10 years? I guess the bliss of a strong first place lead has left me, well, ignorant.

Surely I haven't forgotten what its like to have my baseball heart broken year after year on bad calls, terrible trades and poor plays. Hell, my first year watching baseball was 1986. What does that tell you? (I also watched my first Superbowl that year... no wonder I never got into Hockey or Basketball) Theres no way that I've forgotten my Red Sox roots, the speculated highs and the reality of the lows.

So how exatly did we blow a 14.5 game lead on the Yanks? How did the Yankees make their way onto our radar screen? How did we go from hot to not? HOW DID WE GET SWEPT BY THE JAYS? (this makes me want to cry). Why does Francona hold onto pitchers who are struggling when he was a bullpen warmed up and ready to throw?

These questions can be summed up with one simple 3 word answer: Red Sox baseball.

With just 9 games to go, despite losing Manny (21 games), Youk (4 games), and Coco to the DL, the slipping Sox are still in 1st and are still contenders for the playoffs. Ortiz hasn't been as clutch as usual due to a torn something or other in his knee, but he is still playing and putting off surgery to finish out the season. My hero.
Now only if we could talk Manny out of his spot on the DL, I think we will not only salvage this season, but we might still have a chance at the AL and ending 2007 with our dignity.

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