Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I must say that I've never really cared for Ecko wear or Marc Ecko up until this point. Now I am in full support. I like that he left it up to the people, the fans, to decide what happens to the ball. For those who don't know, the asterisk means that someone cheated during the time any record was recorded. Barry Bonds likes steriods. BARRY BONDS CHEATED. Tarnished records.
Hank Aaron FOREVER!

Full Article Here Its funny that they don't mention steroids once in that article.

Friday, September 21, 2007

9 games left aka Don't break my heart aka Fire Eric Gagne

This is it, the very tip of the tail end of the regular season. 162 total games - 9 remaining = 153 games played. Has that much time really gone by already? How did we run through 5 months so quickly, yet the past 2 weeks have felt like 10 years? I guess the bliss of a strong first place lead has left me, well, ignorant.

Surely I haven't forgotten what its like to have my baseball heart broken year after year on bad calls, terrible trades and poor plays. Hell, my first year watching baseball was 1986. What does that tell you? (I also watched my first Superbowl that year... no wonder I never got into Hockey or Basketball) Theres no way that I've forgotten my Red Sox roots, the speculated highs and the reality of the lows.

So how exatly did we blow a 14.5 game lead on the Yanks? How did the Yankees make their way onto our radar screen? How did we go from hot to not? HOW DID WE GET SWEPT BY THE JAYS? (this makes me want to cry). Why does Francona hold onto pitchers who are struggling when he was a bullpen warmed up and ready to throw?

These questions can be summed up with one simple 3 word answer: Red Sox baseball.

With just 9 games to go, despite losing Manny (21 games), Youk (4 games), and Coco to the DL, the slipping Sox are still in 1st and are still contenders for the playoffs. Ortiz hasn't been as clutch as usual due to a torn something or other in his knee, but he is still playing and putting off surgery to finish out the season. My hero.
Now only if we could talk Manny out of his spot on the DL, I think we will not only salvage this season, but we might still have a chance at the AL and ending 2007 with our dignity.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

300 (not the movie)

Over the weekend in Philadelphia we had our 300th murder (link).

We are already 28 murders ahead of where we were last year on this date. The total for last year within the city limits was 406 murders.

Here is a map (link) of where the murders happened, as well as the names, age, date, time, weapon and race of the victims. This is current from Jan 1 to Jun 30 of 2007.

Here is a map (link) of the (reported) shootings in Philadelphia.

I wish this was only a movie.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Joe Strummer would not be into this at all (Nike Content)

First, to soften the blow, 2 new Morrissey songs (live) (All You Need Is Me) (Thats How People Grow Up)

Yeah, I'm having a hard time with this one.
Ok, so I like some Nike shoes, and I LOVE the Clash more than most things, but here are 2 great flavors that should probably never ever ever go together...

Here is a quote from a good friend (Rib Rock) who also enjoys Nikes, but would put the Clash over anything, anytime...

"Ya, slightly cringe inducing. Although Clash fans like to skate too, and the shoe isn't bad looking, it's just sorta blah. But this just doesn't seem right. Sex Pistols shoe? Fine. Ramones even? Sure. It's a nice idea, but I dunno. Joe's bullshit detector might be going off in the big garr-idge in the sky right now.
SB's have been falling off lately. They're flooding their own market, watering down themselves and makeing their compitition look better by doing so. They need to slow down and release less shoes.

And "Ya Dudes" need to stop tresspassing in the sneaker scene too. Dear Frat Brosephina, put your Doc Martens back on and give me my Air Max's back. [editors note: I don't agree with the Dr. Martens comment, but its not my rant] We can tell you're a late to the game new jack. And plus, they don't go with your dirty white college hat and unfunny cookie cutter "vintage" Urban Outfitters t-shirt anyway. Go fish bro, go fish. Rant over."

"Get some Chukkas, fukka"

but I can't wait for this!
Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten . Holy crap! Can't wait.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

R.I.P. Raybeez (Can't believe its been 10 years)


"All you kids out there, always keep the faith!"

Thursday, September 6, 2007

iBone(d) aka rotten Apple(s)

iHate Apple. Worst company ever. Subject: My $500 4 gig iPhone that turned into a discontinued $299 4 gig iPhone that turned into a $75 loss (10% restocking fee + loss of screen protector). All within a 24 hour span.

My hated for Apple runs deep. It all started with iPod #1 (that was out of date and discontinued within 2 months). (can you say color screens?)

And then my 2nd iPod, which was again outdated when the blah blah blah blah.

Then, there was the time I plugged my iPod into a Mac computer I lost 50% of my music (it just deleted the music, but left the track titles on the iPod). I brought the iPod to the "genius" bar and they told me "I must have dropped it". I honestly felt like punching the guy in the face. My iPod (read: Music) is my life you retard. I've never dropped it. You just can't admit that you didn't know what was wrong with it and wanted to take zero accountability for your company or its shit products.

I understand that a company has to stay on the cutting edge of technology, but come on. Not everyone can afford to replace these luxuries at such a rapid pace as your company would have us.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My review of Presidential Candidates for Red Sox Nation

It already sucks that my first and top choice for Presidency is out of the running... But hey, you can't win 'em all. So I'll go on with the rest of the candidates. Here are 3 lists broken up by people I don't like, people I like, and people I'm on the fence about.

Vote Here!!!

Here are the folks I don't like

1) Mike Barnicle » - Fitchburg, MA - I love this guys name (+1), I hate Fitchburg (-1), his answers were funny (+1), funny strong leadership (-1). Score: 0. If he would change his name to Barnacle Bill for the Nation, I would vote for him.
Sorry dude.

2) Annie Bresnahan » - New Hampshire - I followed you up until the whole "pink hat" rant. Honestly, lamest argument ever. If someone wants to wear a pink hat, who are you to say anything? Sorry, but what we certainly don't need is the Nu-Nazi Regime running things around here.

3) Cindy Brown » - Boston, MA - zzzzz

4) Greg Caliri » - Haverhill, MA - 1 word. DUMB. 1 more word. under-informed.

Quote: "The Red Sox Nation concept as a registered-member organization is fine, but its growth is restricted by the limits of the Boston market and through Internet advertising. I'd like to see it expand beyond the 'net and beyond New England. Putting together a team of individuals on the ground, here in the United States and around the world, could entrench the Red Sox not just as America's baseball team, but the "team of the world."

Dude, Red Sox Nation is World wide. Try again when you know what you're talking about.

William French » - New York - Wait, this dude hangs at the same country club as Joe Torre? If thats true, and all he did was yell some retarded GB deficit, this is not the man (boy? he's 18) who I want as Commander in Chief of RSN. You could have at least pissed in his shoes in the locker room, slacker. Oh, and nothing against a country club, but something tells me that one isn't going to fly with the "Bleacher Creatures" and the boys from Southie. This kid wins my vote for "person I'd most like to punch in the face". Congrats.

6) Frank Galasso » - Rhode Island - I'm into the charity ideas, but lets be honest, what kid is going to want to hang out with a senior citizen (who isn't their grandparent?). I think your idea to ditch inter league play is crazy. Don't you think that OTHER PEOPLE WHO BELONG TO RED SOX NATION, OR OTHER RED SOX FANS, OR OTHER PEOPLE WHO LIKE WATCHING THEIR TEAMS PLAY THE RED SOX would lose out? I also do not agree with the "Mandatory MINIMUM spent" rule you are suggesting. This would also mean there would be a cap. Just because you spend a certain amount of money, doesn't mean you are going to be competitive. Remember all those years the Sox weren't competitive? Remember how much the Yankees spent this year to lose? You are full of terrible ideas. Heres a good idea, eat barbed wire and Rot.

7) Peter Gammons » - Groton, MA - Like him up until answer #9. Nuf' 'Ced.

8) Doris Kearns Goodwin » - Concord, MA - Slight admission to being a fair weather fan. As much as I would like to cave in the skulls of both Bucky Dent and Billy Buckner, we can not deny or bury our past. Red Sox pride means pride, no matter what.

9) Jon Meterparel » - Brighton, MA - This dude, I dunno if he's joking or not. Red Jerseys are Alt colors... who cares, they don't wear them all the time. Day games kinda suck. Whats our record on day games? Probably not too good. Who cares what Selig looks like? Dude, in some parts of the country it snows in April. Get over it. Sometimes the sun shines, sometimes it doesn't. Should we cancel all games with too much sun?

the good

1) Cheryl Boyd » - Holliston, MA - Her answer to #2 says it all.

2) Luis Cosenza » - Pennsylvania - My #1 choice. Charity tickets all the way.

3) Rob Crawford » - Brookline, MA - Writes songs about RSN. Cool enough for me.

4) Rich Garces » - New Hampshire - Former fat Sox pitcher. Still fat, still awesome.

5) Sam Horn » - Rhode Island - Probably the most qualified for the job.

6) Patrick Kennedy » - Vermont - Love the foreign and domestic policies. Great approach at leadership. Will vote.

7) Steve Manganello » - Maine - Good points and ideas about expanding the Nation.

8) Lorraine Murawski » - Sturbridge, MA - I'm with you on all issues. The only thing I disagree on is Eric Gange. That fucker cost us a few games. I hope he proves me wrong, but until then, fugg em.

9) Jerry Remy » - Fall River - Played for the Sox for 7 years, author (of Red Sox books) , announcer and owner of "The Remy Report". Dudes cool, I'm a follower.

10) Masahiko Takinami » - Japan - Definitely into the idea of games being played in Japan. The talent we've seen come out of the country is staggering, and I think this would only increase interest and cause other players to take the game a bit more seriously.

on the fence

1) Terri Cronin » - Boston, MA - Good on steroid policy, bad on dress code.

2) Robert Feiner » - Texas - I dunno, good ideas, talks too much. Whittle it down a bit homey.

3) Jared Carrabis » - Saugus, MA - I agree with the instant replay rule. I think coaches should have some available during the game to avoid bad calls/ejections. While I agree with retiring Tony Conigliaro's number, I think there is another number you should be worrying about... your GPA. Good luck in school.

4) Hank Larsen » - Oklahoma - A little too structured for me. Lets keep this fun, right?

5) Rick Swanson » - Connecticut - Way into the idea of the Red Sox museum. Not sure what it has to do with RSN, but ok, whatever. Plus in his picture he looks a little bit like Larry David, so thats cool, but I don't know if I could take him seriously.

6) Antonio Rodriguez Morales »- Puerto Rico - Would be good to see RSN branch out far and wide. I think having a President who lives in a foreign country could be both good and bad.

In closing, a Red Sox Nation sing-along for the boys and girls...

I’m a member of Red Sox Nation, it’s a kind of a family
Wherever I roam, my Fenway home, that’s where I long to be
I’m a member of Red Sox Nation, it’s a kind of insanity
Yeah, I’ll live and die, with Red Sox pride, for eternity

I fake a smile, November until Opening Day
Suffering baseball withdrawal around the clock
When April comes, hey, meet me down on Yawkey Way
That’s when Red Sox Nation starts to rock

I sleepwalk through the days when there’s a West Coast swing
Married to the TV and the radio
For tickets in October I’d give anything
Still payin’ Red Sox debts from long ago

My mama told me bedtime tales ’bout number nine
My daddy taught me how Yastrzemski tracked down flies
Dirty Water, Tessie, and Sweet Caroline
Now I sing them to my kids as lullabies.

And the Dog: Big Pupi » - Check him out at