Sunday, September 16, 2007

Joe Strummer would not be into this at all (Nike Content)

First, to soften the blow, 2 new Morrissey songs (live) (All You Need Is Me) (Thats How People Grow Up)

Yeah, I'm having a hard time with this one.
Ok, so I like some Nike shoes, and I LOVE the Clash more than most things, but here are 2 great flavors that should probably never ever ever go together...

Here is a quote from a good friend (Rib Rock) who also enjoys Nikes, but would put the Clash over anything, anytime...

"Ya, slightly cringe inducing. Although Clash fans like to skate too, and the shoe isn't bad looking, it's just sorta blah. But this just doesn't seem right. Sex Pistols shoe? Fine. Ramones even? Sure. It's a nice idea, but I dunno. Joe's bullshit detector might be going off in the big garr-idge in the sky right now.
SB's have been falling off lately. They're flooding their own market, watering down themselves and makeing their compitition look better by doing so. They need to slow down and release less shoes.

And "Ya Dudes" need to stop tresspassing in the sneaker scene too. Dear Frat Brosephina, put your Doc Martens back on and give me my Air Max's back. [editors note: I don't agree with the Dr. Martens comment, but its not my rant] We can tell you're a late to the game new jack. And plus, they don't go with your dirty white college hat and unfunny cookie cutter "vintage" Urban Outfitters t-shirt anyway. Go fish bro, go fish. Rant over."

"Get some Chukkas, fukka"

but I can't wait for this!
Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten . Holy crap! Can't wait.

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