Monday, September 8, 2008

My weekend (positives and negatives)

My weekend (positives and negatives)
Red Sox

+ First and foremost, hanging out with Greg Bacon. I miss that dude so much.
+ The First Step (even tho it was their last show)
+ Hangin with Thorns and LOLin @ future Holy Terror prospect bands
+ Todd Pollock
+ Wrench
+ Jeff Hess
+ Jeff Start Today
+ Michelle WB
+ Jay Haas
+ Greg Bacon
+ Baltimore friends :)
+ Greg Bacons iPod ("Hey, wait a minute. Aren't you--" ... "Yup.")
+ Saw old friends from all over the place... Clevo, CT, NH, MA, PA, CA, etc etc
+ Youth Of Today cover
+ Turning Point cover
+ Unity cover
+ Carpooling to Hardcore shows
+ Sleeping in
+ mini roadtrip with friends <3
+ that storm wasn't all that bad, and we saw like 3 huge rainbows.
+ Brooke laughed at 2 jokes (Its better than zero)
+ Aram telling us a classic story from a Champion tour (LOL)
+ Jeff Hess gave me a record for his new band, Right Idea. Siked for him!
+ Good food all weekend
+ Rita, Mike, Lina, Jeff
+ Saw a girl get punched in the face twice right across the street from my house Sunday night
+ Rittenhouse Sq.
+ Football season starts
+ Patriots won
+ Sox are now 1.5 games out
+ Late night bike ride to end the weekend


- Tom Brady out for the season in the first game :(
- Last shows are always sad
- Colbys pool party canceled because of the storm
- Missed JoeHxC's party
- Missed the first 2 bands
- Saying goodbye to old friends who I probably wont see for another few years
- Being wetter from sweating than from some fake ass tropical storm
- Sox lost their only game of the year to the Rangers
- Unpredictable knuckleballers
- Fake ass Amish people
- Sonic being closed (aka NOT OPEN LATE)
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