Thursday, July 2, 2009

Life update, and other sorts of things (aka Long time no see)

Soooooo yeah. Life update. Not much different from last year, except the girl I spoke of in the previous post (which rules yo)

Early 2009 - Start seeing a girl that I've liked for a while. It was cool, except for the whole her not being into me thing. Kinda got my feelings hurt badly (wah). It was the first time I put myself out there for anyone since I was dating Jules. Not a good feeling, left me depressed and whatnot. Thank Jah for friends, early Oasis records, the ocean, Alkaline Trio and the Movielife discographies, Gorilla Biscuits - Start Today, Blitz, my bandmates, and Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers. No thanks to Elliot Smith, Tom Waits, Bright Eyes, The Jealous Sound, Texas is the Reason, The Promise Ring, The Jazz June, Blood For Blood, The Smiths (esp I Know Its Over), select Morrissey and Rocky Votolato tracks, and whatever other sad bastard music I listen to that makes a person want to knot up the 13 and kick the chair out from under themselves.

Other than that, nothing new. Mom calls me for money, dad still doesn't call me, although I did see him in November of last year on his way through town headed elsewhere. That was nice. I left work early, showed him and Linda around Olde City and took them to lunch. We didn't talk much, but, heh, I knew that would happen anyway. Then he went on his way a few hours later. It was weird to see him in his current state, he was kinda withered down and very slow, but I guess that is to be expected with his disease and the medication and all. It was strange though, because my last real memories of him were from when I was about 12-13, he was in good physical shape, and just a maniac in general.

April 30 -
Chicago bound! Donny comes to my house in a rented SUV (PARTY VAN!) with a full tank of gas, a couple dozen packages of Oreos, and a bunch of friends lining the seats. We immediately throw on the Bouncing Souls, buckle our safeties, point the GPS westerly, and put the hammer to the floor. I had tickets to see Alkaline Trio at the Troc that night, but I gave them to Jules and her BF, who didn't end up going anyway. Oh well. We jammed Alk3 in the PARTY VAN! and had massive sing alongs anyway.

May 1st - On the road to Chicago, as the sun comes up over Cleveland, Ohio, we stop off for some eats. I see a little white rabbit sitting on the front lawn of someones house. Since it was the first of the month, and is traditional to say "rabbit rabbit" for good luck [or jinx removal ;)...] I saw it as a sign and uttered the words right away. A mere 6 hours later, I would meet a girl in Chicago who would leave me stunned right from the get go... First impressions: shes cute, neatly dressed, and very nice (She was letting a total stranger with a pretty bad rep sleep on her couch). The first thing I asked her was a question about Youth Of Today, which was spilled over from an argument in the PARTY VAN!, to which she responded favorably, giving me a serious case of the heart eyes.

The weekend was great, I ran into a lot of old friends, ate some great food, had a comfortable place to stay, watched Temple of Doom and Lost Boys with our host (shes that good), saw some great bands, saw some other not so great bands (that reminded me of why I hated a lot of mid-90s Hardcore), turned 29, and, well, met Danielle. We talked a lot in the days following, and good, good things came from that.

May 9th - Evan, Rory, Connor, Todd, and White Brian came up for the weekend for the annual Boston vs Philadelphia Dan "Stoney" Stone (RIP) memorial soccer tourney. Danielle also came for the weekend, and right away met my friends and probably got a good idea of why I act the way I do. Heh.

So, more on the girlie... She's got an amazing smile, beautiful eyes, a kind heart, curly brown hair, dark skin, the cutest little giggle, a curious nature, and she seems pretty much up for anything. Oh, and she's got Bad Brains, Naked Raygun, and Turning Point tattoos... and... she's Straight Edge! And she's into bikes! and she hates olives! And, and, and, and, and! WTF right? Where has the cruel world been hiding this one from me? Nice to know there was someone out there for me this whole time and I've just been quietly wasting away for all these years...

But as luck would have it, she lives 760 miles away from me. Can anything ever be easy for me? Happiness comes and goes in the form of $200-300 round trip airline tickets from Philadelphia to O'Hare. Pretty soon my bosses are going to wonder why I'm taking all my vacation days one Friday at a time (I need a 7 day weekend, right Waldo?).

I like Chicago, its a really nice city, and as you can tell, I've been spending a bit of time there recently. It's a lot bigger than Philadelphia, and there are TONS of Mexican food restaurants there. I mean, everything I've eaten in that city has pretty much ruled, but I love Mexican food, so yeah.

So, shes great. She seems to like me OK. She's been to Phila a few times and claims to like it here. I think she's just being nice. Ha! She was supposed to move here for school, but she digs this place in Chicago a lot more, so that really sucks for me. Long distance is sooooooo AIDS. But, shes super cool and worth it.

Other stuff... I started a band sometime last year with Donny Mutt, Colby Black, Mark Antonio and James Tussey. We had a slow start, due in part to us always waiting around for Colby to make practices, which rarely happened. Finally we parted ways with him and Donny has taken over the song writing duties. We recorded a demo a couple weeks ago with Will Yip in the world famous Studio 4 recording studio. It's kinda funny that we're goofing off in the same studio that Bob Dylan and Billy Joel recorded some serious music in. Ha. Here is our myspace ... there should be some recordings up soon

Anyway. More soon. I kinda like this again.

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