Saturday, July 11, 2009

My 4 July 2009 (Bon Anniversaire, America)

My 4th of July was crazy. It was a last minute travel decision that was definitely fun and worth it. While at the ECE championship thing with Danielle and her team (who won both of their bouts, but what else do you expect from the #2 ranked team in the country?), I was asked if I'd like to attend the wedding of one of her teammates in Chicago the following weekend. I knew it was going to be $$$ to travel that last minute, especially on a holiday, but any chance to see Danielle, fine with me. I bought tickets on Tuesday to fly out Friday morning.

The wedding was in a Lutheran church, which I guess is like Catholic or something. They did all that shit where the preacher man says something and then the congregation says something back. It's like a call and response. Or a civil sing along at a Hardcore show.

Whenever I'm in a situation like that I always look around to see who else doesn't know the stuff you're supposed to say so I don't feel so bad for not knowing it. Of course Danielle is some sorta good Catholic and knows all that shit. At least she didn't look at me funny for not knowing it. One time I went to a Catholic church with this Spanish chick I was dating for a Christmas service and I didn't know the religious sigh language stuff or the stand-up, sit-down, kneel-and-pray business and her family looked at me like I was the first born son of Satan himself (probably closer to the truth than I make it out to be).

The after party ("reception" is the standard, old fashioned term, me thinks) was nice. Some large banquet hall in the suburbs of Chicago. Our table was right next to the cake, so naturally they took a ton of pix of the bride and groom in front of it. Yeah, so I'm probably going to ruin the majority of them. Sorry guys. Don't invite me to the next one I guess.
I actually danced! That's right. Me. I slow danced with a girl for the first time since probably 1992 or 1993. That was the last time I went to a middle school dance. (well, I went to 1 high school dance, but that was to fight a few kids along with Chr*s M*tch*ll and "Scary" L*rry N*sky [names edited to protect the not-so-innocent, errr something]. I don't remember why, but it was around the time M*tch*ll broke into some kids house and stole all his dads guns, so it could have had something to do with that). Danielle also tried to teach me how to dance to some pop song. That didn't work so well. "You have to PICK your feet up! You're hopeless"

The rest of the weekend was just spent smiling, giggling, watching movies, fooling around, eating food, walking around holding hands, daydreaming, plotting, planning, and you know, basically acting like teenagers in love. I think we gross out Danielle's friends from time to time with our cuteness. SOZ everyone. SOZ.

Shout outs to:
Kara Bort for driving me to the airport at like 5something AM.
Chicago for having like, no humidity compared to Philadelphia.
Chicago for having bomb ass Mexican food, and selling it at 2AM.
My iPod for ruling a lot.
Confessions of a 2nd Story Man (my current read, started it in 2005 and forgot about it)

Random thoughts: I've traveled a lot, but this is the first time I've had to bring a suit. I had to borrow a suit bag because I don't own one. That thing worked pretty well, hardly a wrinkle to the shirt, pants or jacket. I'd buy one based on that alone, but I don't know if I'll ever need it haha.

Oh, and don't trust the "expert travelers line" at Chicago Midway. What a crock of shit! I think all the expert travelers know that all the intermediate jackass travelers try and up their travel stature rankings by hitting up this line, so all the real experts take the moderate traveler lines. Smart business.

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diablo said...

you were hopeless but at least we have the rest of our lives to perFECT it.