Friday, August 7, 2009

Today is almost a perfect day...

I woke up to Life's Blood - Never Make A Change, followed by Leatherface - Pandora's Box on random on my iPod alarm clock thingy. I got done in the bathroom and came out to find a text from my beautiful wife, which made my day. (What can I say? I'm easy). I had finally remembered to iron some shirts, so I had a pretty crisp blue gingham check shirt to wear today. It was nice this morning, really cool weather for August, which was dope.

I put the windows down and listened to Death Cab - Narrow Stairs on my way to work, and there was NO traffic at all. I had a meeting today which killed an hour, and Danielle, being as perfect as she is, texted me while I was in the meeting. Nice timing :). I left work for the day at 11:30am and went to get a sammich. I got a call from JJ asking how the married life was and asking when we were going to have babies. He said he was excited to meet Danielle, which is awesome, because, well, its JJ. Ha.

I am now reading a book, listening to Glasvegas' "Home Tapes" (demos) and enjoying a nice breeze.

Things missing from making today a perfect day...

1) Danielle
2) A few people that I was friends with from 1994-2004
3) Swimming
4) Tacos
5) Chicago address on my drivers license

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