Thursday, August 23, 2007

Stressful week coming to an end?

My week so far: (the bad)
- It has rained everyday so far
- Forgot I owned a rain coat until yesterday
- Tore a hole in a very expensive bicycle tire (and had to walk home in the rain w/no gear)
- Red Sox ended against the Angels with an L (2-2 for the series)
- I forgot my lunch in the refrigerator on Monday morning
- A big project that I've been doing at work was returned to me
- Red Sox lost last night (and the Yankees won) so we're still only 5 games ahead
- Eric Gange (you fucking suck, so much for fortifying the bullpen. Paps is all we need anyway)
- Missing out on BBQ/Tubing on the Delaware this weekend
- Not in Bethel NB Canada right now

My week (so far and beyond): (the good)
- The Ratchets are playing Phila on Friday
- Phil Leone's wedding on Saturday in Princeton
- Spending the early part of Saturday in Princeton
- Red Sox vs White Sox on TV Saturday
- Had a few good laughs with Jules this week
- Watched "This Is England"
- Whale bones (!)
- Went out for Ice Cream last night
- Saw a random girl wearing a Pagan Babies shirt at said ice cream parlor
- Cold water in my kitchen is fixed! (you don't know how much you take cold water for granted)

Light at the end of the stress tunnel? I hope so.

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