Monday, August 20, 2007

Inspired by (3) people

Well, well, well, Blogspot. I never ever thought I would open one of these, but alas, here it is. Not that I'm anti-blog, I actually like reading some peoples stuff, I just never really found the need to have one of my own. Maybe I don't think anything that I do is blog-worthy? Maybe its my inability to follow through with stuff thats not really all that important? Maybe I'm embarrassed that I'm apathetic towards things that I shouldn't be apathetic towards? Or, maybe I'm just lazy? I dunno. We'll put this thing in water and see if it floats.

Um, so after a long weekend of awesomeness in Philadelphia, I came into work to a full in-box of (mostly) crap. Viagra and Cialis at amazing discounts (Google spell check recognizes Viagra but not Cialis? Someone's either a believer or getting paid off). Weight loss miracle pills! Online casino bonuses! A video from Alex of Mr. Belding singing some crappy 80's song. I also had a few people interested in record trades/sales (which I ignore until I need money for something)...

But finally! The light in the darkness! An email from old friend Jeff "The Doctor" Proctor (1)! I go way back with this dude. He is one of Litchs' greats. I grew up skating with this dude, causing trouble with this dude (can you say in school suspension for vandalism, lol) and just hanging the fugg out with this dude. So anyway, he lives out west now and designs stuff for some cool companies and it was nice to have an update from the ol' boy. His sister just got married so he was back in the Litch for a bit. Bummed out that I missed him, but theres always next time.

So, my weekend ruled. Philadelphia is a great place to live if you like seeing bands play live. I've been looking forward to this weekend for the past 4 months (there have been a ton of awesome shows in between that time, but I've had these tickets for a while).

Friday was set to be a great night. The Bouncing Souls playing Philadelphia, their old home away from home, and the recently reunited kings of Hardcore Pop, Lifetime, were playing with them. I was going with my best friends in the whole world and we were pumped. The only bummer about this show was that my boy Matt K(2) couldn't come along with us. He had to be responsible very early Saturday morning that that just didn't fit in with a late night of Hardcore Punk and hanging out.
My friend Matt K(2) is an awesome dude with a great heart. He grew up as a punk, and as every other punk out there knows, we HATE long hairs. (JK, love ya Roger.) It just comes with the territory I guess. But the thing is, last time I saw Matt, his hair was down to about his shoulders. I kinda scratched my head a bit and then asked him about it. He said he was growing his hair out for Locks Of Love, the non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children under age 18 suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis.

I wanted to throw up (in a good way). It gave me the stomach snakes (everyone else calls this feeling "butterflies") to know that this dude was willing to wake up earlier than normal everyday, spend $ on hair products, and live life with long hair just to help some poor little kid who he will never meet feel a little better about themselves. That is the most unselfish thing I've ever heard of. Not to mention some (read: uptight, conservative) people will always prejudge a dude with long hair. Not that he is one to care what others think of him, but you know what I'm saying.

Cheers to you Matt.

Saturday and Sunday were spent at This Is Hardcore Fest 2007. TIH is a great show, now in its 2nd year, put on by Philadelphia's own Joe Hardcore (3). This is a 4 day festival that showcases some of the best and newest bands playing Hardcore Punk today. I have to say I was really pleased with the whole thing. Joe runs a tight ship so there was no half hour+ band set up times, no lolly gagging, nothing like that. The time slots were set and that was that. Other people booking shows and/or fests could learn a lot from how Joe runs his.

People travel from all around the globe to bask in the glory of TIH. Hardcore music has given me the ability to travel the country and meet hundreds of people and make some awesome lasting friendships. A fest like this is where the long distance friendships all come together. So glad I got to see Big Joe from Chicago, Red Sox Jess, DFJ, Scace, Aaron from CA, now MA and soon to by NYC, Jeff Dot, JD, B-Roll, Bryan, Joe Harder, Chucky Edge, Mike, Scooter, Alex and Kristian from LI, Lord Dom (bearing funny stories about Fred from MTL), Black Ryan, Sean Bombs, Michelle WB, and countless other friends from Maine, Mass, Conn, etc. and of course my local peeps Phil L, Alex Russin, Dan Mills, Klint, Georgie, Mark, Vin, Brooke and Tussy. (sorry if I missed anyone, my lunch break is short today)

I heard some great new bands and got to see some bands that I love to death. Paint It Black, Shipwreck, RJ's, Cold World, Blacklisted and Crime In Stereo were my favs going into the show, but I left with a new found love for Ceremony, Ambitions, Cheap Tragedies, Said Radio (who I knew would be great). Also, my favorite HC band from my youth, MOUTHPIECE, did a small set during Triple Threats set on Saturday. I came out of mosh retirement for that one. (ok, I still mosh, just not as much)

So, to review, I was inspired by the following to start a blog and talk about stuff:
1) Jeff Proctor - For being my friend for all these years
2) Matt K - For being a solid dude
3) Joe Hardcore - For being the backbone of the Phila Hardcore Punk scene

If you hate it, take it out on them. Come back for another entry in a few days (week?). If its not there, wait longer.

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