Monday, October 22, 2007

Holy shit! We did it! We're going to the World Series!!!

Wow, did I just witness the mother of all comebacks? Down 3 games to 1, I'm pretty sure most people had given up hope... but the shining star that is the Red Sox pitching staff comes through once again!
Backed up with serious RBIs from Youk (7), Papi (4), Manny (10), Drew (6) (WTF I know right?), Pedroia (5), Tek (7), Lowell (8), Ellsbury (2), Lugo (3) Kielty (2) and just great defensive play all around, we managed to avoid the scalping the Cleveland Indians were ready to dole out.

What up World (Series)? See you in Boston!

In other news, Joe Torre... I can't believe the way Steinbrenner handled that. Oh wait, yes I can. I'm sure he'll find success elsewhere. Fresh young talent (something that Yankees haven't really had in a while) + Torres ability to manage a winning team = one lucky team somewhere else.

NY Yankees, continue to enjoy your downward spiral.
Joba Chamberlin, FU.

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